• AC Flora High School

2022 Honorary Junior Marshals

Historically, AC Flora has selected the top 20 members of the Junior Class to serve as Marshals for the graduation ceremony. As changes have been made in graduation procedures, these students will not be seating our Seniors. However, we want to recognize and congratulate these students for being in the top 20 of the Class of 2023 based on GPA ranking as of 1st Semester 21-22. Congratulations to the following students who are named Honorary Junior Marshals!

Ella Grace Comer

Mia Tallulah Courtney-Bohl

Eva Marques Edwards

Paul Gabriel Goblirsch

Grace Muvuba Ilunga

Lily Greene Lawther

Juliana Vanta Lynch

John Caldwell Hane

AnneKatherine Elizabeth Johnson

Rachel Carlysle Roberts

Ryanne Cordell Rogers

Elle Margaret Rose

Judith Rachel Shaver

Frances McCown Smith

Siona Hope Sturgeon

Juliet Naylor Swaim

Virginia Grace Truluck

Abigail Presley Walsh

Elizabeth Clay Wannamaker

John Chapman West