• AC Flora High School

Attention Senior Parents: Updated Testing Information Regarding State Scholarships

The actual SAT and/or ACT test score eligibility requirements for state scholarships are statutorily mandated. This means the requirements cannot be adjusted or removed without General Assembly approval. However, effective May 28, 2021, the regulations governing the Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship programs will allow for a July test administration (ACT). This will be an immediate way to provide some relief to current high school seniors who are seeking additional standardized testing opportunities to qualify for state scholarships. Allowance for Usage of the July ACT Score for State Scholarship Initial Eligibility LIFE Scholarship: Students who are attempting a qualifying score through the July ACT test administration need to have their test scores sent to their college or university. The Financial Aid Office at their institution will determine their eligibility for LIFE Scholarship and award accordingly. Palmetto Fellows Scholarship: Students who are planning to take the SAT test in June or the ACT test in June or July of 2021, will need to notify their School Counselor before graduation. (Contact Ms. Porter ASAP). The student’s Palmetto Fellows Scholarship application must be submitted as Pending by the Late Award Period BEFORE YOUR SENIOR GRADUATES. If this is not done, because Ms. Porter has not been notified, your student will not be eligible for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, even if they receive the test score in the June of July testing window. Students will need to have their test scores sent directly to CHE. The SAT registration code is 4313 and our ACT registration code is 6326. Please note that the only location in the Columbia/Metro area offering the July test administration is Spring Valley High School.