• AC Flora High School

Face-to-Face Learning Model--PARENT RESPONSE NEEDED by 3/4/21

As announced Friday, the opportunity to transition to a five-day Face to Face (F2F) school week is now upon us. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we are asking that ALL parents/guardians indicate the Learning Environment (in-person or virtual) they prefer for each of their students going forward. It is very important that you read the information contained in this email before making your choice as your decision will be in effect through the end of the school year. To be clear, we do need to hear from EVERY parent regardless of your current learning environment. In addition, please be aware that whatever learning environment you choose now will be the learning environment your student will be in for the remainder of this school year and there will be no further opportunities to request a change. After you have read the information contained in this email, please indicate your student's preferred learning environment by filling out this form for EACH of your AC Flora students. Please fill out the form by Thursday, March 4th, 2021 at 8:00 am. We know this is a quick turnaround but we do need this information as soon as possible to make our final preparations for a safe and successful transition.

To be clear, your two choices are:

1) eLearning/Virtual: choosing this option means you will remain at home and engage in eLearning for the rest of the school year. You may choose this option no matter what learning environment you are currently in.

2) Return to four/five-day Face-to-Face Instruction: choosing this option means you will transition according to the district's plan as outlined here:

  • The week of March 8th, F2F 9th graders will attend four days a week (M,T,TH,F) while CURRENT in-person 10th-12th graders will still attend Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday based on their CURRENT Cohort assignment. To clarify, only those 10th-12th graders who are currently in-person will come on the two days of their current cohort for this week only.

  • The week of March 15th, all F2F high school students will attend four days a week (M,T,Th,F). To clarify, for 10th-12th graders opting for F2F, this week would be the first week those students would come to campus for four days. In addition, the new bell schedule (more details below) will be in effect for all students.

  • The week of March 22nd, all F2F high school students will attend four days a week (M,T,W,Th). Friday, the 26th, as per the district calendar, will be an eLearning half-day for all students.

  • The week of March 29th, all F2F high school students will attend school five days a week and will continue doing so for the remainder of the year (subject to normal holidays/work days on the district calendar).

**There will no longer be an option to engage in F2F instruction two days per week.​​**

Important points to consider before making your decision:

What safety measures will be in place? Masks are required for all individuals on campus at all times except while eating or drinking. Students who stretch or do not comply with our mask policies will be sent home and will receive a discipline consequence. Social distancing (six feet or more) will be upheld as much as possible. Plexiglass barriers will be used in classrooms and other areas even if/when social distancing is possible. One-way directional hallways will be utilized and all safety measures used during Phase 2 will continue through the end of the year. We will provide more details in the coming weeks.

If my student attends F2F, will they still just be on the computer and will the teachers be teaching only through a computer? In most classes, teachers will still be teaching to students in class and at home due to the fact that we anticipate having sizeable numbers of both in-person and virtual students. The individual teacher/course will dictate the amount of time directly on the computer as needed. Regardless, please know that our goal is to provide as much quality in both settings as possible.

I originally chose to engage in the Year-Long Virtual School learning environment, but can I now request a return to F2F? Yes! Regardless of your current learning environment, ALL students are able to indicate the environment they wish to remain in for the duration of the school year.

Will my teachers/classes change if I remain virtual? There is a possibility that the teacher for a virtual student could change. This will only occur if grouping virtual students in a common course would be beneficial. We will communicate any changes that may need to be made once we know all students' learning environment preferences.

What will the Bell Schedule be? We will return to our "regular" bell schedule for all students, in-person and virtual, beginning March 15th. This means all students should be prepared to begin classes at 8:00 am. We will hold four 90-minute classes per day with a dismissal time of 3:15 pm. We do anticipate slight adjustments will be made to this schedule in order to allow for extra safety precautions, distancing, lunch, and other logistical requirements. The exact bell schedule will be sent to students and families prior to the 15th. Please note: we will still operate on our Phase 2/Hybrid Bell Schedule for next week only (March 8th-12th). We will transition to our "regular" bell schedule on the 15th and, again, we will send those details out closer to the 15th.

What about lunch? Lunch plans will be provided to the students who attend on campus and will depend on the exact number of students who choose to come to school in person. We are prepared to move to a staggered lunch or two lunch periods if needed and students are reminded to socially distance themselves at all times while following all procedures set forth by the school and cafeteria staff.

Does attendance count? YES! All students should attend classes daily. If a student is absent for any reason, an excuse should be provided. If you have an excuse to submit, you may do so by clicking here.

Can my student be F2F but change to virtual when they are sick or have an absence? No. Once you select an option, it is final. However, if a F2F student must be absent, they can attend class remotely but will still need to turn in an excuse for the absence.

What about parking, car riders, buses and other transportation issues? Bus transportation will be available for those who have signed up already this year. If you have not signed up to ride a bus this year, please contact Ms. Ainsley Price at in order to sign up. We encourage you to do this ASAP, if you have not already, as it does take time for the Transportation Department to route buses when students are added. In terms of student parking, no changes will be made for next week (March 8th-12th). But, beginning on March 15th, only those students with a Standard Parking Pass (pink hanging tag) will be allowed to park in an on-campus parking lot. Hybrid Parking Passes (yellow hanging tag or dash pass) will NOT be valid from the 15th forward, and those students will need to find other parking arrangements. The AC Flora Carpool Map should be used for anyone driving to school or dropping off a student. Detailed carpool/bus/parking reminders and info will be sent out prior to the 15th.

We know this is a complex and fast-moving time, and please know that more information will be forthcoming as we get closer to this transition. We do want to be sure to answer any questions you have about this transition, so please do not hesitate to reach out to the school if you have any questions at all. We are here to help and support your student and family, whether in person or at home, in order to give every Falcon a successful end to the school year.

Thanks and Go Falcons!