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Health Info from Nurse Horne

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Welcome Back, Falcons! Start Strong with Some School Health Forms Here

Nurse Horne at A.C. Flora High School is here to help you manage and optimize your health. Falcon Parents please complete the forms below for Nurse Horne to start your Falcon's year off right. Keep checking Flora Update if you need medication permission forms or other health forms and information. Go Falcons!

Consent for Treatment Release of Information
Download PDF • 100KB
Confidential Health Questionnaire for School_anonymous
Download PDF • 418KB

Do You Need Nurse Horne to Give Your Falcon Medication While at School? Here's Where You'll Find Permission Forms

Did you know the school nurse can give over-the-counter medication as needed with parent approval and signature? Did you know the school nurse can give your Falcon medication prescribed for him/her by a doctor with the doctor and parent signatures? It’s as easy as printing out the appropriate form below, signing it, and having your Falcon’s doctor sign if it’s a prescription medication, and bringing the signed forms along with the unopened, store, or prescription container to the nurse in the health room located across from Guidance in Room 144 of the 100 Building.

Permission for School Administration of Presc_anonymous
Download PDF • 256KB
Permission for School Administration of Non-_anonymous
Download PDF • 88KB

When Should You Keep Your Falcon Home from School?

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control provides helpful information of when we must keep our students home from school, when it's advisable to follow up with a doctor, and more in the chock-full pamphlet below.

DHEC When to Keep Your Child Home from School_anonymous
Download PDF • 308KB