• AC Flora High School

It's Not Too Late to Order a Yearbook

Congratulations to all the seniors! We are so proud of you for this accomplishment!🙂

Now that graduation is over, perhaps you would love to remember the year by being able to look at school pics and activities for years to come. I am sure that you will love and cherish this special edition for years to come! We have only about 130 books left to sell, $95.00 each.

If you have not yet purchased a yearbook, it's not too late. Order your yearbook today at

The delivery date for the yearbooks is around June 25. We will contact you as soon as we know the specific date. We also plan to have a drive-by delivery celebration similar to last year's event.

Many thanks to those who have already ordered and purchased this year's 60+1 Anniversary Edition of The Falcon yearbook, titled THEN & NOW.



The Yearbook Staff