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Junior Scholar Award Survey Form Now Available - Due This Friday!!!


Each year colleges and universities from across the state invite the school counseling department to nominate outstanding high school juniors to take part in their Junior Scholars or Junior Fellows programs. Each school has different qualifications, which can include class rank, GPA, tests scores, and/or extra-curricular activities. Included in the survey are a list of the colleges/universities and that invite us to make nominations and the qualifications for student nominees. We are asking that you let us know what college or university listed below that you may be interested in receiving this recognition from. Completion of this form DOES NOT guarantee your nomination. You will still need to meet the qualifications of the university to be nominated (which can include class rank, GPA, tests scores, and/or extra-curricular activities). Nominees are recognized at the end of the academic school year. Thank you for taking part in this survey. The survey must be completed by Friday, March 18, 2022 at 12:00, pm. To complete the survey, go to the "Materials" tab then click on "Junior Scholars Survey Form" on the Class of 2023 Schoology page or use THIS LINK