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Prom 2022

Greetings Junior and Senior Families!

Attached to this message you will find all the information you need for the 2022 AC Flora Prom which is being held at the State Museum on Saturday, April 23rd, from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Please make sure you read over all the information so that your student will be prepared and have a smooth Prom experience. Here is a brief overview of what your student will need to do in order to attend Prom:

  • Read and print (or pick up a copy in the Main Office or Library) the AC Flora Prom Guidelines 2022. Your student will need to return the last page (with all required signatures) directly to Ms. Ortner (356) or Ms. Bowers (398). They will then give your student a code to purchase a prom ticket. This must be done in person.

  • If your student would like to bring a guest who does not attend AC Flora, they will need to print out and complete the Prom Outside Guest Verification Packet 2022 and return it to Mr. Spigner in 310. If/once their guest is approved, he will then provide your student with a code for your outside guest to purchase a ticket.

  • Only students who are in good disciplinary standing at AC Flora are allowed to attend prom. This means your student must NOT:

  • have any unserved after-school detention hours (they should work with their administrator to get these served!)

  • be suspended at the time of Prom

  • have been placed at an alternate non-ACF setting by the Hearing Board

  • The deadline to turn all forms in and purchase tickets is April 21st. The link to purchase tickets can be found here. Again, your student, and/or their outside guest, will need a code to purchase a ticket.

  • When your student (and/or their Outside Guest) purchases a ticket, they should sign up with the name that is on their picture ID (driver's license, school, military, etc.). A current picture ID is required off everyone in order to get into Prom. There are no exceptions to this requirement for all attendees.

  • Prom should be a safe and fun event for all involved. We expect our students and their guests to make good choices before, during, and after the prom. Parents and students should note that administrators, teachers, school staff, and the Richland County Sheriff's Department will be on duty at Prom throughout the evening.

All questions about Prom should be directed to Ms. Ortner or Ms. Bowers. They are happy to help your student enjoy this fun and exciting evening!

Thanks and Go Falcons!

Prom Overview 2022
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AC Flora Prom Guidelines 2022
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Prom Outside Guest Verification Packet 2022
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