• AC Flora High School

PSAT Information

Any Junior that registered to take the PSAT at AC Flora High School will receive an email this week denoting their testing room number. Please make sure your student checks their school email for this information. All students should enter through the Atrium doors and remain socially distanced when entering the school and reporting to their room. There will be staff available to direct students to their testing room.

Please remember:

*We will be following COVID-19 protocols and with this in mind, all students are required to wear masks while in the school building.

*All students will need to arrive at AC Flora no later than 8:00 am on January 26th, and everyone should enter at the front doors of the school. Student drivers may park in the Senior Lot (in front of the Gym) and car riders may be dropped off in the Front Loop.

*Each test will take about 4 hours, but it can and often does, take longer for various reasons. We anticipate that your student should be ready to leave or be picked up between 12:30 and 2:00 pm, but please understand that this is only an estimate. Once testing has finished, students will be able to call their ride, either from their cell phone or from our phones here at school. We are currently working to see if other transportation is available if needed.

Testers should bring:

*2-3 No. 2 pencils with good erasers (no pens or mechanical pencils)

*Wristwatch to pace yourself. Smartwatches (ex: Apple Watch) and Wearable Technology (ex: Fit Bit) are NOT allowed.

*Phones are NOT allowed and will be turned off completely and placed in a designated location in the classroom until the test is completed

*A calculator for the math section that allows a calculator (if you want, not required). The school DOES NOT provide calculators. There are 31 questions in this section but, all questions can be answered without a calculator. Review the practice math section with your calculator to help you determine which types of questions you should use your calculator to answer.

*A snack/drink for the break. You may have your snack or drink under your desk. You will have two 5 minute breaks and can eat/drink at this time. Lunch will NOT be served.