• AC Flora High School

Richland One Honor Orchestra

AC Flora Orchestra is proud to announce the following students have auditioned and placed in RCSD1 Honor Orchestra. Ms. Hanken is proud of the hard work and dedication of all students who auditioned. The clinic and event will take place February 22 and 23 at Keenan High School Juliet Swaim, first chair first violin Maddie Fawcett, Violin Josiah Tejada, Violin Haley Greer, Violin Jenna Strickland, Violin Favour Ekechukwu, Violin Charity Rivers, Violin Davis Holt, Violin Milaun Johnson, first chair viola Grace Ilunga, viola Rebecca Weston, viola Lakayla White, viola Joseph Ilunga, viola Jazelle Craft, viola Sarah Burger, first Chair cello Grady Zimmerman, cello Candace Dais, cello Maggie Palome, cello Stephanie Po, Bass