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Senior Checkout/Graduation Tickets

Greetings Senior Families!

We have important information on how your senior will pick up their graduation tickets at Senior Checkout. Please read the attached packet for all the information you need on what your senior needs to do in order to pick up their graduation tickets. As a reminder, each senior will receive four graduation tickets, and they will be paper tickets. In order to receive their tickets, seniors must complete the Graduation Ticket Release Form in the attached packet and attend Senior Checkout. This form will be signed off in the Media Center at Senior Checkout but seniors can save time by filling out the top portion and addressing all the required items.

Some of the highlights of Senior Checkout are as follows:

1) Seniors will return textbooks, laptops, and any other library-issued materials (hotspots, books, etc.) in the Media Center during their scheduled Senior Checkout time. We have plans for virtual and in-person students that are detailed in the packet. For in-person students, we will dismiss seniors from class to the Media Center according to the schedule found in the packet, and please note that we have times for virtual students to report to campus as well.

2) If your senior was issued other school-related items (novels, instruments, uniforms, calculators, etc.), then they will need to be returned to the teacher that issued them. Virtual students will bring those items to campus during their Senior Checkout time and in-person students should follow their teachers' directions for how to turn in those items directly to them.

3) Seniors must complete this form and this form before they will be allowed to get their graduation tickets.

4) Seniors must also resolve all debts.

Again, please read over the packet attached to this post, and your senior needs to be prepared to complete the Graduation Ticket Release Form contained in it. Graduation tickets will only be released to students who have been cleared at Senior Checkout. Please also note that we have listed points of contact in the packet should you have any questions at all. In short, seniors need to settle all debts, return textbooks, return their laptops/hotspots/library materials, return any other school-issued items, and fill out the two Guidance forms in order to receive their graduation tickets. And, again, all the details you will need are in the attached packet. We look forward to successful end to this school year!

Thanks and Go Falcons!

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