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Spring Sports Ticketing & Attendance

Spring Sports Ticketing and Attendance

A.C. Flora Athletics are back in full swing for the spring of 2021 and we are once again allowed to host games and contests on campus. While we are open, we are still operating under limited capacity for attendance. Please see the information below for attendance, ticketing, and parking information

Capacity Limitations per game

Baseball/Softball - 150

Tennis - 100

Soccer / Lacrosse – 175

Attendance Protocols

All tickets are sold for individual games and we ask all spectators to arrive at the beginning of their chosen game and to promptly exit the facility at the conclusion of the game. Parents who have athletes playing in consecutive games are allowed to stay for both. All spectators are required to wear masks or approved face coverings while on campus. Family units are also required to socially distance while on campus.


All tickets are sold electronically at No tickets will be sold at the gate. General Admission tickets will go on sale at 4:00 PM the day of the game or 4:00 PM on Friday before weekend games unless otherwise noted. However, parents of athletes will be given a code that will allow two tickets per athlete to be unlocked prior to going on sale to the public. Head Coaches of each sport will distribute codes to athletes and families. These codes will become active at least 24 hours before game time and can be used as soon as the event(s) show on the ticketing page. Only 10 pass entries (SCHSL or R1 Gold) are allocated, and once capacity is reached, no more pass entries will be allowed.

Parking and Entrance

Parking is extremely limited on campus and we must follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of fans entering and exiting the facility. The Access Road that runs between the athletic facilities and main campus is closed to all personal vehicles at 4:30 PM each day. It is reserved for Team Buses and emergency vehicles only at that time. Any vehicle parked there will be asked to move or be towed. All participating athletes are asked to park in the rear parking lot to allow room for fans and families to park near the ticketed entrances. All Softball, Soccer and Lacrosse spectators are to enter under the main ticket gazebo near the Softball Pressbox. All Baseball Spectators are asked to enter near the entrance of the Cul-de-sac.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and look forward to a fun and successful spring sports season.