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WIN Career Readiness Assessment

All AC Flora 11th and 12th grade students will be administered the WIN Career Readiness Assessment on campus next week. The test will be administered beginning first block and will end approximately 1:00 pm. Students must be on campus to take the test and should report to campus by 8:00 am.

The WIN Career Readiness Assessment awards students varying levels of certificates which are used by employers to assess workplace skills of employees and job applicants. Many employers in South Carolina, and other states, consider a WIN certificate as part of their hiring process. More information can be found in the link below.

Face-to-face students:

Students who return to face-to-face learning will test on Tuesday, March 16.

Virtual students:

Virtual students will come to campus on Wednesday, March 17, which is an eLearning day. Please complete the survey form below by March 10 to indicate if bus transportation will be needed.

If you have questions, please contact Mr. Davis at

WIN Parent Guide

WIN Bus Request