• AC Flora High School


Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to touch base with you about this year's Anniversary Yearbook, titled Then and Now in celebration of 60 +1 years of A.C. Flora High School, founded in 1959. Since the inception of the "little school," A. C. Flora has distinguished itself academically, athletically, and in many other wonderful ways.

I know that you will not want to miss out on purchasing this beautiful book, outside and inside. Today, I have attached a picture of the cover to whet your appetite for enjoying the feast of information and fabulous pictures of the AC Flora family past and present inside these covers. This year we have many more pictures of our students and faculty than last year, so that can enjoy seeing Flora's Student Life, Academics, Athletics(What a year to celebrate and capture numerous State Championships!), interesting tidbits about the past, the Prom, Portraits, Baby Pictures, etc.

As of today, we have only 170 yearbooks left to sell. Although the deadline for purchasing a yearbook is June 14, I am thinking that all the books will be gone by then.

If you want to purchase a book, please contact Jostens by email: If you need to talk with someone at Jostens, call the Helpline: 877-767-5217.

I promise that you will love and treasure this book forever!


The 2021 Yearbook Staff

Dr. Sandy Mills, Adviser